Shona and Phil's
Wedding Registry

Welcome! Thank you so much for finding your way here, and we're sorry that it has taken us so long to sort out our wedding registry!

Your presence is truly the most cherished gift we could receive, we understand that some of you may still wish to honor us with a tangible token of your love and support. With that in mind, we have created a wedding registry to provide you with some ideas and options, should you choose to contribute in this way. We have tried to include a range of items at different price points, and we have also included some options for donations to bigger projects and adventures we have planned.

We're going to be adding more items to the registry over the next few weeks, so please check back in if you don't see anything that feels right to you.
We are so grateful for your love and support, and we can't wait to celebrate with you!

Smell Well for Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes smell, its a fact of life. Phil's smell worse than most.

Smell Well's are designed to make this problem less bad!

Cost: £14.00

Wooden Office Bin

A simple wooden bin for Phil's Desk

Cost: £19.17

Wood for our new pizza oven

Everyone needs a bit of wood. To make pizza obviously.

Cost: £19.99

Lap Tray

There are many things that are easier on a lap tray. Eating while watching Firefly for the nth time, working on a laptop while not at a desk, the possibilities are many!

We have one already but we would really like another. The one we've linked is pretty fancy, it would be nice but we don't necessarily need one that up market!

Cost: £54.00

Camping Table for the Van

We all know how much of a mess we get when cooking and eating. Hopefully with this table we have can have a clean less chaotic van when we're camping... or at least keep the mess more contained!

Cost: £120.00

4K Blu Ray Player

When they're not adventuring, or when the Welsh weather is living up to the stereotypes, Shona and Phil do like to cwtch up on the sofa with a good movie (don't we all).

For years, Phil and Shona have used his old Xbox to play dvds and blu ray discs, sadly the disc drive on the 10 year old machine has given up. They're looking for a replacement optical disc reader.

Cost: £189.00


We're going to go away for a honeymoon for our 1-year anniversary. The weekend after our wedding we're going to escape to mid wales for a couple of nights in "The Nest".

Cost: £840.00

100.0% contributed

Remaining: £0.00

Honeymoon Fund

Shona and Phil are planning to go away on their Honeymoon for their 1 year anniversary.

They haven't decided where or what yet but you know it will be an epic adventure (maybe in New Zealand?)

If you would like to contribute to their honeymoon (with money or ideas) here's where to do that!

Cost: £4,000.00

20.75% contributed

Remaining: £3,170.00

Kitchen Renovation Fund

Shona and Phil are hoping to get their kitchen renovated next year. It's going to be a pretty big piece of work, but should make a massive difference to the house.

They would love contributions towards the renovation!

Cost: £10,000.00

6.5% contributed

Remaining: £9,350.00